Google Analytics: Google’s statistical tool

Google Analytics is Google’s statistical tool, which allows each website administrator to analyze his/her audience. Totally free of charge, it was implemented by the American company in March 2005. And if it is now used by more than ¾ on the international market, it is because it is very easy to use and understand, but also because the statistics provided are multiple and very useful. In addition to providing a site’s graphical and quantitative audience evolution, Google Analytics reports also show how visitors navigate the site, what they do and how they got there.

What’s the point of using Google Analytics?

The purpose of your website is to increase your business through precise objectives. They can be multiple and of different natures:

Completed forms

Purchases on the site

Telephone contacts

In-store visits

You therefore need a traffic monitoring tool, which will allow you to have personalized reports and key performance indicators (also called KPIs), at the service of your business.

Improve my conversion process

Google Analytics is an extremely powerful tool if it is configured and used to its maximum potential.

You can accurately track all your marketing campaigns (SEO, SEA, Publi-reporting, Offline Advertising), and measure the feedback from each. We will also be able to track the number of interactions (visits) that it took before achieving an objective (such as an order on your e-commerce for example)

How to use Google Analytics as a professional

We will therefore implement precise configurations to track each channel, each ad, each publication through ad tracking, tracked URLs and custom channel groups.

Thanks to this, Google Analytics will give you an accurate picture of expenses and receipts for each channel.

It is within this framework and with these analyses that you will be able to determine precisely the profitability of each advertising and traffic acquisition channel, and make budget optimizations according to the real profitability of each.

Going further with your data

If you want to transform your data into a dashboard to manage your website in a professional way, we can help you.You don’t need millions of visitors to learn how to configure or receive help from a Google Analytics specialist. Request an example report and we will help you create the customized dashboard your business needs.

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