Google’s new online ad creation support system guides you through your first ad creation. You will then have to refine your advertising actions by creating a campaign with targeted requests.


Do you want more traffic to your website? No more lead calls? No more request for a quote? Increase the number of visits to physical points of sale, etc. Then determine the type of campaign you will need based on your objectives. If you want more traffic, you should be better directed to a sponsored link on the search network. If you want to encourage users to visit your shop, it may be wise to turn to the display network (display of advertising banners on some websites)…


If you are a local business, you can limit the scope of your advertising to your neighbourhood, city, region, etc. You will also be able to choose some keywords related to your activity at this stage.


Google Ads then prompts you to create your ad: title and description. You must include a main keyword that you have previously selected. You will then be able to easily modify your ads and campaigns. You must then define a daily budget and a monthly budget not to be exceeded for your campaign.


Once the ad has been reviewed and accepted by Google, you can create new ones as part of an advertising campaign. You can also modify and re-target ads already published. Google Ads has a keyword planning tool to help you find the right keywords for your business. If you are a small business, it is better to focus on long tail words (long keywords) that will have less volume but will be more accurate, sometimes cheaper and have a better chance of hitting the target. For example: cheap country wedding invitations. This keyword generator will help you maximize your advertising investment. You will need to monitor your click rates and bounce rates to adjust your campaigns if necessary. If your rebound rate is very high, it may be that you are positioned on a word that does not exactly match what users are looking for. If your click rate or conversion rate is not convincing, you may need to review the content of your ad.