Depending on the typology of your site: e-commerce, large accounts, associations, small and medium-sized businesses, we offer you a realistic formula to achieve your objectives.


The referencing of an e-commerce site, or merchant site, is a complex mission: the stakes in terms of turnover are high and the structure of the site must be entirely thought in this sense. The pages are numerous and can raise technical problems (mass URL generation, duplicated content linked to product sheets, blocking factors…) that require the intervention of an expert. In addition, the ergonomics of the site must be oriented towards the conversion tunnel and the optimization of the user experience. For example, all payment methods must be diversified and simplified to turn the largest number of visitors into customers. These issues are all the more important if you are what is called a pure player, i.e. your turnover comes entirely and solely from the website. All your commercial activity is carried out online, you do not have a physical shop, so referencing will be the key to your success on the web. It’s impossible to miss.


SEO for a major account site often amounts to a high-end SEO service insofar as the missions are spread over time with significant committed budgets. The majority of key account sites are managed internally. The services of a SEO agency are then used for specific consultation missions, or for the delegation of important and time-consuming tasks such as web writing or netlinking actions.


To improve the referencing of an association’s website, there is nothing better than to call on volunteers.   Indeed, referencing is a time-consuming mission that requires furniture for one or more people for a few hours a week. An association can therefore easily involve its volunteers in this mission.  With the support of software, they will do it easily, even if they have no previous knowledge. In addition, they will be able to write content (updating news or the blog, creating new pages describing the association’s missions) and obtaining links (contact other partner sites to offer them link exchanges).


Are you a designer, craftsman, VSE or SME and are you looking for a solution for Google referencing your VSE/VSE site?  Don’t you have a big budget to spend on this issue? Our observation: no one knows better than you what is at stake in your sector of activity. Our advice: master the concepts of SEO and you will easily position your site at the top of Google’s results. It is a decisive and very profitable investment to make a difference among all your competitors. If you are not interested in the referencing of your site, no matter how much you admire its graphics or its sophisticated design, you will not be visible enough on the web.  You must therefore work on your visibility to “capture” Internet users. Once this mission is completed, it is the “transformation”, i.e. the conversion that will interest you. Do these visitors find the information they are looking for and take action? supports you in all these areas: technical improvements to be made on the site to be on the first page of Google AND specific improvements so that visitors do not remain mere “passers-by”. We offer you a powerful and inexpensive software solution to do it yourself, the support of a personal consultant for all your questions and training sessions (individual or collective) to master the principles of SEO.