List of the most used search engines

Google: the star!

We start our list of search engines with: Google! It is the most used in the world and in France! To give you an order of magnitude, even if it may seem gigantic, Google scans 20 billion websites per day. And every day, 500 million new requests are made or about 15% of all requests.

Google has also specialized in image search with its specialized Google image engine. It is even possible to search by images. If you want to check that one of your exclusive images is not used on another website than yours, use the “Search by images” option (see visual below) and you have the option to copy the URL of the image or import it.

Bing: the latecomer

It is a search engine supervised by Microsoft. Often integrated directly into IT systems, Bing is the second engine used in France. It can be seen that it is used more on computers than on mobiles. Its evolution over time is quite stable, but it is still far from exceeding the performance of the Google star.

Yahoo: the challenger

Yahoo continues to conquer Internet users! More than 8 million unique users logged into this search engine in September, compared to 5.1 million the previous year.  Internet users spend nearly 17 minutes a month on Yahoo.

Qwant: French that protects your privacy

In the tradition of personal data protection, we found you Qwant! This search engine cross-references the results of other engines and social networks, without storing cookies and without tracking you. It’s the little Frenchman, who goes up, who goes up! He has been talked about a lot recently, but as you can see, they have a very colourful visual approach that reflects what Google can do.

Duck Duck Duck GO

This search engine will look for its information in the APIs of the Yahoo, Wikipedia, Wolfgram, Bing and Blekko engines. And good for your privacy: it does not record your IP and personal information! It is the same positioning as Qwant, with a little delay in terms of market share.

List of search engines to discover

We continue our list of the most used search engines with 5 small beads that we discovered.


During last September, Ask had 6.42 million unique visitors. The Internet users spent about 6 minutes there!


It is an opinion search engine. You want to know everything that is said about a brand, a product or a company. This search engine tries to compile all these elements!


It is a multi-media search engine. It allows you to find information on the printed press, the web, radio and TV.

When social networks want to conquer search engines

Social networks want more and more space on the web! Thus some giants do not hesitate to position themselves in the niche of the search engine. So let’s find out what Twitter and Facebook have to offer in this area.

Twitter launches its own search engine

On February 3, 2015, at a conference in London, Twitter unveiled its own Curator search engine! It is a search engine dedicated to professionals: web journalists, editors, live broadcast broadcasters. In short, all those who need to monitor information in a much targeted way. Curator is therefore a content aggregator that combines videos, tweets and vines from the Periscope streaming application. The search engine identifies topics that may be of interest to the information professional. He will then have a real-time overview of the topics under discussion on Twitter.

Facebook: experimenting with its search engine

Facebook has recently started experimenting with its own search engine. This new search engine would allow you to share articles with your Facebook network directly on your status, without having to leave the social network. The Facebook search engine would provide access to a dialog box in which the user types his request. He would then obtain a list of appropriate articles and those already posted by his friends on the same subject.

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