Natural referencing is a very vast universe that concentrates different types of referencing on the Internet. Depending on your objectives, some of these channels will absolutely have to be worked on. If you had only one axis to consider for relevant and sustainable SEO, the choice of natural SEO would be the most appropriate.


Natural referencing, also called organic referencing, gathers all the techniques to optimize the positioning of a site in the results of search engines. All these methods are referred to as SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In natural referencing we will speak of natural (or organic) links, i.e. links from the core of the engine (provided by the relevance algorithm) without the intervention of an advertising or monetary system.


Paid SEO, also known as sponsored or non-organic SEO, refers to all actions aimed at positioning your site at the top in Google by buying sponsored links. These methods are referred to as SEA, Search Engine Advertising. This includes all commercial ads placed on search engines with mainly Google Adwords commercial referencing.


In the case of a website abroad, if you want to position it well on the international market, you will work on the international referencing of this site. How to set up an international referencing strategy and act on multilingual sites? The actions to be implemented will vary according to the linguistic areas and local targets: thus you will not reference a site in English for an Italian public for example. The simple transposition (mirror referencing) of a site from one language to another is not enough to hope to position itself on this market.


If you have a site whose activity depends largely on a local business, you will not be able to ignore a local SEO strategy. A good referencing in Google Maps will be a necessary step via Google+ Local and Google Places services. These free tools are very interesting for referencing (display of local results at the top of Google’s results pages) and for Internet users who will precisely locate your company on a map and can obtain a link to the access map.