Published on : 08 October 20213 min reading time

Creating a website is useless without using Internet tools to attract visitors. Natural referencing is one of these means. If you have just created your site, here are 3 first actions that will put you on the right track and that you can do without computer skills.

Before implementing these actions you must make sure you have a good domain name for your website. Once the SEO work has started, you will no longer be able to change your domain name without losing the benefits of the work done.

Your position in search engines depends largely on the links from other sites to yours. To create first links to your site the easiest solution is to ask the people around you: family, friends, customers, suppliers, partners…

For example, you can propose to a supplier to write a customer testimonial on his site or that he add you to his references. A customer could write an article on his blog about your services or add you to his partner page. Your town hall, trade union, federation, networking group, etc. could all provide a link to your home.


If your company has a local activity or even if your activity is not only local, registering with Google my business will make it easier for you to be found on search engines by people who live near your address or do a search on your city or department.

Registration to Google my business is free.


You may be reluctant to use Facebook or Twitter for your business, especially if you are a BtoB user. However, social networks have become an important criterion for search engines, you can’t leave them out, and your competition won’t.

Among the social networks you have to choose those that correspond to your customers and your activity: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Viadeo, Youtube, Pinterest, and Flickr… Facebook is being however THE big player in this field whatever your sector of activity.


Your blog participates in the referencing of your site. Indeed, the articles you post on your blog must be optimized on a keyword, it is this keyword that will appear in Google searches and will bring up your blog or site. This is why it is important to post articles regularly. Your blog is informative; its goal will be to bring prospects to your site to bring them to your site that will surely turn them into customers. You will know everything about the referencing of a blog and its benefits in this article which is worth a visit.

Natural referencing is a long process that takes time. These few actions allow you to set foot in the stirrup. The next step will be to analyse the keywords to be used on your site.