Indexing: being present in a search engine

Before trying to be first on a keyword or appear on the first page of a search engine, you simply have to be present. This is what we call the indexing phase. You have created your website today or a few days ago and it does not yet appear on search engines? Don’t panic, it’s perfectly normal!

Online website or one that’s visible on Google: What’s the difference?

Once your website is created, it is online! That is to say, it is accessible by typing the address in the address bar. But it is not indexed the same day: you will not find it if you do a search.

It is necessary to allow time for search engine robots to visit your website and index it in their databases. Patience is therefore required for the indexation phase. Please note that we cannot know how long it will take Google to index your website. Several days? Several weeks? It varies.

How to view your website on Google? How to make search engines aware of the existence of your website? Two solutions are then available to you.

The direct solution: submit your website to search engines

Rather than waiting for the website to appear on its own in Google (or another search engine), submit it directly to it. This is the first step that every webmaster must take when creating a new website. You don’t need to submit all your pages, the home page is enough.

Don’t neglect your presence on other search engines. Yahoo and Bing are search engines that can also bring you traffic.

The indirect solution: make yourself known through other websites

The more incoming links your website has (also called “backlinks”), the more likely it is to be quickly indexed. Indeed, search engine robots are constantly browsing the web. The more incoming links your site has, the more likely it is to be visited by a robot.

Make sure you have as many links as possible to your website and you will have a better chance of receiving visits from search engine robots. Favour quality links as we explain in the section: get backlinks and exchange links.


Until your website is indexed, don’t give up. Continue to add content to your website. Get new links, register your website in directories or exchange links with partners. After a while, your website will appear in Google. And then… ? It’s not over, it’s even the beginning! Your website is indexed, now it is time for the optimization phase of SEO, which will last as long as your website exists.

The steps to a successful SEO strategy
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