About SEO

Have you created a website to present your passion or your company, to create an online store or a seasonal rental website? Although the primary purpose of a website is not to attract large numbers of Internet users, it must still be seen (the purpose of a website is to reach an ever larger audience to make sales, to transmit information or to obtain new customers).

What is SEO?

SEO consists in implementing practices to make a website appear in search engines and to help it gain positions.

This definition, which is a little bit “gross of stripping”, requires some clarification: this is what we will see throughout this guide.

What is a search engine?

A search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing) is a website on which you search for information by typing keywords (or “queries”).

The results of a search engine are based on a database containing links to pages of websites, organized hierarchically by each search engine according to their own algorithms.

These databases are fed by the work of robots that automatically scan the Web.

These robots find new pages that do not yet appear in search engine databases, and update pages that are already present but have been modified. These pages can then be found by Internet users by typing keywords.

Showing a website in a search engine

This is what we call the indexing phase. If you find your website by typing its URL address or your brand name, then your website is indexed.

We will see in a dedicated section how to make your website indexed on the main search engines.

Gain positions in search engines

This is what we call the optimization phase of SEO. Throughout the existence of your website, you must do what is necessary to gain positions in a search engine. How to offer attractive content for a search engine and what to avoid doing?

This is what we will see together in most of this guide. Optimization is not just a step (like the indexing phase), it is an approach to be taken throughout the life of your website.

The steps to a successful SEO strategy
Create optimized content