Selling your software on the Internet

Selling your software on the Internet is an activity that requires knowledge in the fields of communication, marketing, sales and law. However, we will see in this marketing tutorial that it is not that complicated to offer a nice success to your management software. You could even be passionate about selling software solutions if you follow the framework below in this article.

Create a brand and position it in relation to competitors

The brand refers to all the elements that make it possible to make a representation as well as an opinion of software. Consider this step as a prerequisite for selling your software on the Internet.

Choose a business model

The software market has undergone a real revolution with the SaaS (Software as a Service) model that arrived in the 2000s and which is only conquering, every day, more and more important parts of software distribution modes. The choice of a distribution method is determined by how you sell your software.

Comply with the law

Legal compliance is not only made to subject you to taxes or to avoid prison. It is also a guarantee of seriousness and credibility that will be observed by your potential customers.

Create your website

Thanks to the first point of this tutorial you can start designing your showcase or merchant website without further delay. A software publisher’s website must be simple and convincing.

Manage e-commerce, financial and accounting aspects

Many turnkey tools exist to facilitate the commercial, financial and accounting management of your software sales activity on the Internet. So there is no need to start creating an online store. To do this, you must have 3 elements: a bank, a payment gateway and invoicing management software.

Make your brand known by working on its notoriety

Stimulating your brand awareness allows you to promote your product through word of mouth and the press. People who are on the lookout will also discover your software through this method.

Implement a customer acquisition strategy

Once you have mastered the previous steps, move on to the customer acquisition phase. Here again, several levers are at your disposal depending on your means and your context.

Provide technical support and customer service

Customer support and service are above all there to satisfy your customers and build their loyalty. However, contact with an existing customer often allows for the sale of additional products, complementary services or word of mouth. So don’t skimp on customer service, you will certainly collect the fruits of your efforts.


Selling software on the Internet or in a more traditional way involves being competent in several key areas such as communication, marketing, operations or law. By following the steps above step by step, you should cover most of the actions to be taken.

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