Acommunication format that is particularly popular with Internet users and mobile users, video occupies an important place in Google search results. In addition to a tab specifically dedicated to this type of content, the Mountain View giant also displays the most relevant ones in a prominent place in its overall results. Adopting a good VSEO strategy then allows you to benefit from increased visibility.


VSEO (Video Search Engine Optimization) is the set of techniques that comply with Google guidelines to optimize video visibility, mainly on Youtube, but also on competing platforms such as DailyMotion or Rutube. This SEO applied to videos presents many analogies with natural referencing applied to websites. Above all, it is an opportunity to take advantage of the traffic of the second largest search engine in the world, which has belonged to Google (Alphabet) since 2006. As the world leader in online video distribution, YouTube is also a significant source of potential visitors. In France alone, 5 million videos are viewed every day. Moreover, this type of content is now one of the most powerful and engaging marketing levers. Working on the referencing of your YouTube videos therefore has a double objective:
  • benefit from enhanced visibility in the second largest engine in the world and, indirectly, additional Google visibility;
  • reach an increasingly targeted audience, which increases the engagement rate and your ROI.


As for the natural referencing of your website, the optimization of your video content must be done in compliance with the instructions imposed by the search giant. While there are many criteria to consider, there are some fundamentals in VSEO, including : Metadata: To date, YouTube has not been able to understand the content of a video. Only the metadata present in the video makes this understanding possible, and therefore the appearance of your clip in its suggestions. Metadata is the title of your video, but also its description or keywords (the “tags”). This information must therefore be considered in order to be able to target the target audience in a relevant way;
  • subtitling, which facilitates the understanding of the video and therefore its sharing;
  • the format: adapt the duration of your content to your target audience. If the most viewed duration does not exceed 90 seconds, some films may be longer if it is relevant (tutorial, etc.). The objective is not to lose the visitor on the way, which would send a bad signal to the platform;
  • an optimized thumbnail: when uploading a video, YouTube selects a thumbnail at random. This is rarely optimized. Choose the most relevant one to increase the click rate, and therefore its positioning in search results.
  • good quality: a soundtrack and clear images in HD if possible are essential. A basic that is however far from being systematic yet;
  • netlinking: for a sustainable VSEO, it is also necessary to consider setting up a netlinking strategy.