Google My Business: to improve your local referencing

Many of your prospects are likely to find you on Google. However, your business is not ranked first on search engines. You are probably wondering how to make your company stand out from your competitors.

To do this, Google gives you a little help by providing you with a tool called Google my business.

By following the tips in this article you will discover how to improve your local SEO and how to make it easier for your customers to access information about your company.

Who can benefit from this service?

Google My Business is free and accessible to all. However, it is mainly aimed at small and medium-sized companies with a specific geographical base. For example, a restaurant, a photographer, a shop, etc.

If your business is totally online, Google My Business doesn’t have much interest for you.

How to use Google my business?

Have a Google Account

First of all, you must have a Google Account. To create one click here. If this is already the case, simply use your Gmail account address. The information will be updated automatically if you have a Google+ page.

The dashboard

This interface has many advantages for your company. You have access to all Google services, such as:

  • Your statistics thanks to Google analytics
  • Your adwords ads
  • Opinions left by your customers
  • Your establishment form

The establishment form, what is it?

The establishment form allows you to improve your local referencing thanks to the Google Maps geolocation service

It gives you more visibility and transmits information about your activity to Internet users. This form also allows you to add photos, schedules, phone number and address. You can also interact with Internet users by collecting opinions.

Your Google My Business listing should show who you are. Make it as attractive and professional as possible with beautiful photos. This will increase your credibility and make Internet users want to visit your website and your premises. Your customers will get in touch with you more easily!

When and how the information appears?

When you enter a local search on Google, you may notice that a banner appears on the right side of your page. It shows the times, address, and telephone number and location of the business you are looking for. This information box is the establishment record.

Google My Business is an essential tool for all companies with a local activity. If this is your case, we strongly recommend that you use it.

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