Do you know the great defect of the Internet? Make us believe that everything can be free! Like free referencing for example. What may prove satisfactory for a private individual who does not have a specific need, however, very quickly proves to be limited when it comes to tools that must be used by a professional. This is the case for SEO. You don’t think you can benefit from a good SEO without investing a minimum, whether in time, energy… or even in healthy monetary values? Come on, don’t stumble right away, you’ll see that it’s not that hard to be well ranked in search engines without having to go into debt over fifty googol generations or invest in a permanent intravenous of tight coffee.


If you are looking for ways to optimize your SEO, it is because you already have a website. Look at him not as your baby who has grown up before your eyes but as a stranger might see him. You can even bring someone who has never explored it for this step. Do you feel that it is well structured? Are the pages organized in a logical way and do they meet the expectations that users of your site may have? It is essential that it is easy to navigate your site: you do not want your customers to spend three hours looking for how they can place an order or contact you, or what are the characteristics of the products on sale. Especially since most Internet users will not take this time (unless they are really passionate, but even those deserve to be pampered with a pleasantly navigated site). Do you also have your hands on your pages? Can you easily add elements (a promotion for a special operation, for example) or edit important elements (your summer schedules or a particular animation you want to highlight)? Your site must be alive, regularly updated for both search engines and visitors and only a good technical basis will allow you to make these changes without too many difficulties. Designing a website is not necessarily within everyone’s reach, but updating it must be. A good structure of the site, with the use of keywords adapted for each page, and content that does not fall asleep is the basis of natural referencing. These are the elements that will allow your site to appear in Google search results. The research on your problem must guide prospects to your home.


However, natural referencing is not very productive if it does not provide you with the visits you expect. To identify them, you need to determine exactly who you want to talk to. You will not talk in the same way to an exhausted family man as you would to a young financial wolf with long teeth. Your presentations, but also your description tags, must therefore be expressed in their language if you want to touch them. Everyone thinks that addressing a wide audience is the best way to reach a wide audience and get results. Except that clients will be more confident with those who position themselves as experts in the field that interests them. So pick a target and bet on it. You must have your preferences, right? Who is your ideal customer? That’s it, you have it in mind? Then present your activity for him, and for no one else. This is also the key to good SEO. An agency could not limit itself to the visual aspect of the site and take care of its resources: your site is not just a pretty girl who has nothing to say!


Don’t be afraid to add resources to your site, they are the ones that will allow it to display itself as a dynamic page. Remember that each update allows you to go back to the search engines and encourages customers to come back regularly to see if there is anything new in your area. It is on this basis that some businesses establish their merchandise rotation, use the same process for your content. There are different ways to bring editorial content to your site: you can write it yourself or assign it to someone on your team. Of course, at a minimum, you need a sharp pen, an innate sense of spelling and a certain amount of imagination. Suddenly, you feel like you’re sweating drops of virtual ink? Don’t panic! Don’t panic! There are independent writers with whom you can work on a case-by-case or regular basis. You will keep control of the proposed content while not having to write it yourself. The ultimate solution is to use a dedicated agency, used to this type of service. You may not even need to think about the topics anymore, for even more peace of mind. The contents must be of interest to themselves. They will then be useful for many aspects of SEO. Not only will you lead (or create) your community, which is always quite satisfying. But you will also establish your credibility and, quickly, other sites will point to you or recommend you. However, search engines like Google particularly appreciate sites that are praised around them.