Google Ads Auction strategies

Google Ads offers different auction strategies to achieve your business objectives. Determine the one that best suits your situation and optimize your advertising budget. In order to offer as much flexibility as possible and above all, to be able to adapt as well as possible to your commercial needs, Google Ads offers several auction strategies. Visit and learn more about Google Ads for business.

For your Google adwords campaigns to be a success it is important to carefully choose these strategies according to your objectives and therefore to understand beforehand how they work.

Your priority: traffic

If you want to get clicks to your website first and foremost, use the CPC cost-per-click auction system.

Maximize clicks

This automatic auction strategy defines your bids so that you record as many clicks as possible within your budget.

Manual CPC

When using the manual Cost Per Click (CPC) auction system, you define the maximum price (CPC max) you are willing to pay each time an Internet user clicks on your ads in search results (unless you define an auction adjustment or use the eCPC below).

Your priority: conversions

If you want to obtain conversions (purchase, contact request, reservation…), use the Google Ads smart auction system.

Indeed, by using the principle of machine learning, these auctions use the collected data and take into account many factors such as the device, time, and geographical area… to determine the most appropriate auction to optimize the conversion or the value of the conversion. But be careful! These strategies begin to be effective when there is enough data and are therefore not recommended very often in the first campaigns.

The four smart auction strategies available are:

Target CPA (cost per acquisition)

The target CPA is an intelligent auction strategy that defines the optimal CPC auction to generate as many conversions as possible for the average cost per acquisition (CPA) equal to your objective for all campaigns based on this strategy. Of course, this first requires an idea of your target CPA.

Target ROAS (return on advertising expenses)

ROAS or Return on Advertising Spending evaluates the return on advertising expenses.  The target ROAS is therefore the average conversion value you want to obtain for each euro spent. A target ROAS auction strategy therefore allows you to have an automatic auction system based on advertising spend return objective (ROAS).

Maximize conversions

This smart auction strategy automatically sets the bids so that your campaign generates as many conversions as possible while leveraging your entire budget.

Optimized CPC (eCPC)

This feature is used with manual CPC auctions and allows you to record more conversions by automatically adjusting your manual auctions for clicks that appear more or less likely to generate a sale, or a conversion on your website.

Your priority: visibility

If you want to be visible and boost your notoriety, you will prefer impressions. A printout is posted when your ad is displayed.

Target location on the search page

This automatic strategy adjusts your bids to best see your ads displayed on the first page of search results or at the top of the page.

Target upgrade rate

This system, which targets only the Research Network, automatically increases or decreases your bids to help your ads get a higher ranking than those in another domain.

Cost per thousand impressions (CPM)

CPM auctions allow you to be billed only according to the number of times your ads are shown on YouTube or Google’s Display Network.

Cost per thousand visible impressions (vCPM)

If your objective is above all to raise awareness of your brand and click is not important, this strategy is a good alternative since it allows you to define the maximum amount you are willing to pay for a thousand visible impressions of your ad on the Display Network.

Your priority: viewing

Do you use video ads? Why not use the cost-per-view (CPV) auction strategy. You only pay for viewing and other interactions with the video.

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