Why creating a free blog?

Whether you’re considering opening your blog or improving yours, it’s time for you to become true experts in the field. To achieve this, you have only one solution: to document yourself on the subject. Then experiment.

This scientific approach can be done by yourself in your area. Or benefit from our own advice, studies, remarks… and experiences! Welcome to the world of Internet 4.0 research!

The blog must be thought of today as a tool at the service of your business. It allows you to enhance your know-how and experience, while allowing you to go back to the first Google results on specific queries.

Why create a blog?

A blog is not just another website. It is an open forum, which is offered to you to express yourself. But it is not only used to shout “hello, we exist!” in the face of the world!

Set up a blog to prove that you exist

This support is essential to keep a professional website alive, even when its main purpose is to present an online store.

Each new article posted reminds search engines that you exist, and makes them want to refer you a little more. There is nothing more effective than to go up in the rankings (provided the items are of high quality, but we will come back to this later). Each of them also proves to your customers that you are active and this aspect, in our time, is more than very important!

There is nothing worse than a “showcase” site, which simply displays your contact information and the same presentation of your services for 5 years. This is not how you will make strangers want to contact you and Google want to refer you.

Make a blog, a central element of your communication strategy

Even better, opening your blog means integrating it into a real communication strategy on social networks, with your contact database with emailing and to go up in search engines. The blog is a fabulous tool to generate business, word of mouth and credibility for your company. If you wish to be supported, with:

1) A personalized action plan adapted to your objectives

2) A solution to boost your natural referencing, improve your conversions and retain your contacts

3) A service that provides all types of digital services (creation of websites, content, advertising campaigns, etc.)

With a single objective: to allow you to find customers with the Internet. Our method worked for us.

Each update gives you the opportunity to share it in your newsletter, on your Facebook page, on Twitter or on Pinterest (all spaces where you could benefit from being present, if you haven’t already done so). Especially if your articles are so interesting that others share them, talking about you for you!

When others also start sharing your articles, search engines notice it and will bring you up in search results.

Create a blog to stay “top of mind” in your customers’ minds

To take full advantage of this space’s potential, you will need to keep it regularly updated. It can sometimes be tiring; we won’t lie to you, especially if you haven’t prepared yourself well. But you will be able to reach both your regular customers, who are already subscribed to your newsletter and who will find there another way to take an interest in you, and those who you do not yet know. They will discover you thanks to him!

This regularity will allow you to stay in the minds of your contacts and prospects that will think more often about prescribing you or will come back to you more often to buy directly from you.

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