Natural search engine optimization (SEO) techniques may seem complex due to the lack of detail on Google’s algorithms. However, it is not necessary to see paid referencing as the miracle solution. To be successful, you will need to establish a real strategy. To help you find your way around, we explain here what a Google Ads campaign is and how it works.


Google Ads is, quite simply, Google’s advertising agency. This is called paid referencing or SEO: it consists in paying to be highlighted on the search engine’s results pages. Combined with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), this type of practice can be very effective in promoting your business. On paper, the principle is quite simple: you determine a budget, which will partly determine your cost per click (CPC), but also the frequency of appearances of your ad. You choose the keywords on which to place yourself, and then you compose your ad according to your objectives and possibly a geographical area. If things are getting a little complicated for you, you should know that you can always use the help of professionals like to start your Google Ads campaign. Once the ad is in place, it can be displayed each time a person performs a search according to the keywords you have selected, in the delimited target area. You only pay when a user clicks on your ad; this is called Pay Per Click (PPC). But in reality, it is not easy to define the right budget and make a list of keywords that will be relevant. It is better to call on an SEO / SEA expert or a SEO agency to avoid surprises. The basic price per click of each keyword is determined according to supply and demand. Some words can range from a few cents to more than 20€. And the “purchase” of these words is done according to an auction system. If you bet above your competitors, your ad will appear first, and so on for second, third place, etc. The challenge is to determine the right budget based on relevant keywords.


A Google Ads campaign is a set of coordinated ads, focused on the same objective. Each ad can have a different keyword related to your company’s products and services. This makes it possible to cover the various intentions of users. The main interest of Google Ads campaigns is to be able to perform precise targeting according to ads. Your sponsored links will only appear on targeted requests related to your business. The quality of this targeting therefore depends above all on your ability to select the most relevant keywords.