Why you should work on your website's SEO?

SEO is a more or less complex tool, but it's simple to implement!

Search Engine Optimization is certainly a major challenge for the years to come. It’s one of the best strategies for generating high-quality traffic from search engines. Dramatically effective, it is sometimes more profitable in the long-term than the rest of « non-natural » optimizations!

Website positioning

Earn your spot on search engines!

The stakes of SEO

Showcasing your business to users

An investment for the future

Cope with the severe competition

SEO Audit and reporting

Take advantage of the simplicity of the audit tools to identify if there is any problem or sub-optimization that cripples your website in terms of SEO.

Keyword strategy

It is very useful to start the research of the most strategic keywords from the beginning, obviously focusing on the users’ needs and not your own.

Optimize your content

Now that you have an idea of the weaknesses of your website and its content deficiencies, it’s time to put all this into practice and improve your content!

Improve your reputation

Notoriety has been crucial in Google’s algorithm from the start. Today, it is about not only backlinks, but also branding and social networks.

Use Google Ads to grow your business!

Understandably, it’s important to have a website, but without visitors, this will not help much. To create traffic, there are various tools such as SEO, affiliation, emailing, social networks, partnerships, etc…However, Google Adwords is the marketing strategy to focus on in order to attract as many new customers as you wish. To start an efficient campaign, instaon.io is the place to go, since they offer a fully automated Adwords tool to save you the bother of learning and doing everything by yourself., which might be time-consuming.

Keep up with SEO’s evolution

Do you think you know enough when it comes to SEO? That may be true today, but it won’t necessarily be so in the coming days. SEO is an evolutionary science!

Think about local SEO!

Neglecting the possibilities offered by localized SEO is a bigmistake: 25% of all searches on the engine have a local aspect to them (provider + city for instance)

Get ready for voice search

In the United States, 1 out of 5 requests is vocal. Voice search is not only shaking the mobile users habits, it is also having a significant impact on Google’s SEO!

Influencers partnerships

You should always be looking for newcomers and rising websites. Not only will you be able to get quality backlinks from them, but you will also benefit from their excellent reputation.

More SEO tips!

Internal links

Optimized Title tags

Well written Meta-description

Optimized loading times

User experience

Because search engines prefer quality and added value, focusing on the user experience is a must!

More and more, Google wants to be a « response engine » rather than a pure search engine. The company pushes websites to evolve towards a better user experience: simplified navigation, ergonomic pages, adapted content, fast loading times, data security, and of course mobile compatibility. In short: do not think only about the SEO architecture of your website, but also make it pleasant for the user.

For more effective keywords

Focus on "long tails" for your keywords!

For your keywords, use so-called long tail terms, which are subject to less competition and are more effective. Indeed, the average request of Internet users comprises 4 words. You will be much more competitive with 4 words than with 2.

Too many SEO specialists are working on generic keywords, which are certainly very popular but also highly competitive, with little or no results. The secret of success lies in the « long tail »: it allows you to customize your traffic acquisition strategy by better targeting your audience, and by offering products/services in perfect harmony with your clients’ expectations.